Many Used Alto Sax Choices

Wow the price range for a used alto sax is certainly a wide one. With so many choices, the Libra in me is finding it a daunting task in trying to decide on which one would be the best fit for my cousin as well as my wallet! And not knowing all that much about this particular musical instrument put a whole new spin on it. But I have to say that I put my “big-girl panties” on, went online with the guitar center chicago website that is so user friendly and their sales representatives were spot on so we managed to get her done!

It really didn’t all that long to finally come to a decision, place the order and place a check mark on my Christmas shopping list of names and move on to the next online purchase. I know it sucks to start even thinking about Christmas, but let’s face it is less then 100 days before Christmas!

Raymond and Chris

Everybody Loves Raymond and Everybody Hates Chris, two totally different TV shows, but both just crack me up each time I see an episode. They both have wacky titles, but they catch your attention by golly. I enjoy comedies, I’m always needing a good laugh and if a good TV comedy can do the trick then the more power to it!

Tornado Warnings

The past couple of days we have been experiencing some pretty severe weather around here. We will suddenly¬†have a horrible thunder and lightening storm, with buckets of rain coming down and then bamm, it’s gone as fast as it came. The roads are constantly flooded, trees are down, power is interrupted, the whole kit and caboodle.

Today we had the same storm come and go and now the weatherman is talking about tornado warnings, sigh……. These storms cause so much damage, year after year after year…..

Classic Rock N Roll

pure nickel sound

Rock n Roll’s Slinky

I have enjoyed spending my Friday off of work, getting some things around the house done and quite honestly a good amount of time just chilling and spending time on my laptop, while eating up all the left-overs from the past couple of meals.

I hate throwing food away, I can be a real stinker about wasting food. I’m kind of OCD in that way. But then we all have our own little unique oddities, needs and wants in this life time. But that is for another time to write about!



So while doing some idle YouTube surfing, I ran across a video concerning these Ernie Ball 2251 Slinky Electric Guitar Strings that I sorta remember hearing about years ago through some friends of mine that had one of those basement or garage bands before they all got caught up in relationships, careers, health and kids. We still keep in touch, though usually via Facebook rather than jam sessions that we all had such a blast doing for those days gone by.

Nothing too fancy was really needed, a good guitar or two, a decent keyboarder along with the best speakers, usually something along the line of the b-52 LX-18EV3 1000W Folded Subwoofer¬† that is pictured below. If you don’t have decent speakers you might as well not even bother. But that is my opinion and I do feel strongly about it.

Good Tunes

The B-52 LX-18EV3 1000W Folded Subwoofer








Anyway I thought I’d post the video here and share what I learned. Figured I’d put it on Facebook as well and share it with some of the gang. I’ll use it as my “topic of the day”.

Breakfast for Dinner

I usually don’t get to eat a nice big breakfast each morning. It is usually on the weekends that I get to take the time to cook up some bacon or sausage and some eggs. Making pancakes or french toast is a nice treat, so I’ve decided to make pancakes and sausage for dinner tonight. A nice change of pace, it’s all good.

pancakes and sausage

Breakfast for Dinner