September 16th, 2014, by Laura

I’ve never really been much of a baseball fan. Football is more my style. But when I saw this on You Tube it really made an impression on me, so much that of course I had to post it here. God I love You Tube. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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September 10th, 2014, by Laura

It’s good to know that not all attorney practices are totally in their field to make a fortune off of people in their times of need. I have always heard that there are lawyers will do a case now and then “pro bono” which is a fancy legal phrase that means “for free” and/or “no charge”  but I have never known anyone that has received any legal pro bono, but I’ve heard stories.

A good friend of mine has some how managed to convience the EGH Law Firm to do just that! I don’t know all the details because she isn’t putting a lot of details on FaceBook and we don’t call each other on the phone all that much these past few years. She doesn’t much care to put a lot of personal information online. But I hope they do her justice. And just maybe when this case is all done and said with she might be more open about talking about it.


Larry McBennett

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September 4th, 2014, by Laura

My all time favorite TV shows is [scrubs]. I remember when it first aired on TV, I wasn’t impressed even one bit with their “slap stick” effects, but after watching a few of the episodes it kinda grew on me and from there I just really enjoyed it when ever I got a chance to watch it. The characters are crazy as hell, but they keep me laughing each and every time I watch it.

Now that the economy is in such turmoil a lot of people have turned to the medical profession and we are seeing a lot of folks wearing the medical scrubs, much like the scrub sets that most of the characters on [scrubs) are sporting. When I was growing up all the doctors were wearing just the regular ordinary and plain white lab coats that are becoming a thing of the past.

I’m so glad to see that these medical uniforms have come a long way. You can find all kinds of medical uniforms, scrubs and the like online.  Liking what you are wearing can make a difference on how your day goes and we want our medical folks in as good of a mood as we can get them in. Right?

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August 28th, 2014, by Laura

I don’t have the time or much opportunity these days to read much more than the newspaper or a magazine or a Reader’s Digest perhaps, which I always has several copies conveniently located in the bathrooms in the house. But that doesn’t mean that once in a while I’ll find a book that really interests me and I will take the time to do what I can in reading it all the way to the end.

My daughter actually had me in mind when she and her friends went to the local flea market yesterday when she was looking through a box of books that were being given away for free. She is an avid reader and loves looking for new and exciting books to bring home and when she sees books that are being given away she usually walks away with an arm load.

This box contained a book written by Jimmy Buffett, by the name of “A Salty Piece of Land” a novel. She knows that her dad and I are both avid Jimmy Buffett fans from way back and she went ahead and picked it up for me along with a bunch of other ones for her from this box of free reading materials. That was a pleasant surprise, she is always surprising us with things, and they are not usually on the pleasant side I’m sorry to say.

a good read

A Salty Piece of Land

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August 23rd, 2014, by Laura

My parents are getting up there in age. A most serious subject, but one that needs to be handled with kid gloves at this point. My brothers and sisters are all ready planning and researching what we will need to do and have done when they no longer can live on their own. For now we are trying to get their house up to speed in order to keep them safe and happy in their golden years.

My sister has looked into getting one of the nice Residential Mailboxes that will have their name and their street numbers printed clearly for the emergency personnel that need to be able to see this type of information if needed. Mailboxes are something that most people don’t really think much about, but in all reality a mailbox performs several functions for the house hold. A mailbox helps us receive our daily mail but also serves as a way to receive assistance from the police, fire fighters and ambulances as well. If they cannot see your address then precious time is lost at a time when every second can make a big difference.

At mailboxixchange dot com you can find a good selection of Residential and Commercial Mailboxes at affordable prices. We are all (my brothers and sisters) going to pitch in and purchase one of their mail boxes to give to my folks on their anniversary which is coming up soon at the end of February. It isn’t the most romantic gifts, but one that will hopefully make a difference for all concerned and I’m good with that!

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