John & Marsha

My brother-in-law was telling me of the new neighbors that had moved next door. He went over and introduced himself to them and chatted for a few minutes to welcome them to the neighborhood. He tells me that their names are John and Marsha. When he told me their names, I got a big old smile on my face from a memory that hadn’t found it’s way to my brain cells in a very long time.

Years ago, as a kid, my father used to listen to an album that had a hilarious comedy bit called John & Marsha. It was one of the funniest things that we listened to back in the day, so I went online today to see if I could find anything on it. I hit the Jackpot and found exactly what I was looking for. Stan Freberg was the comedian.

I immediately went to Amazon and ordered the album.

The Carpenter Pencil

Did you know that with a Carpenter Pencil putting a simple notch in the middle of the lead with something like the corner of a file will make it possible to draw two parallel lines at once? Pretty clever idea right? Just of the things I learned about about the Carpenter Pencil. Not sure why I was reading up on them, just one of those little trivia facts that we all stumble across while online.

The Carpenter Pencil has body with a rectangular or elliptical cross-section to prevent it from rolling away and can be used by numerous other types of professions, not only to carpenters. Actually they have started to come out with crayons made much like a carpenter pencil. They are harder to roll off of the paper and/or the table. I remember seeing one of my nephews coloring with his set of new crayons that his mother had picked up at the flea market and stored away for a rainy day, much like the day I was over there.

keeping it sharp but safe

Sharpening And Using A Carpenter’s Pencil

Possible Termite Infestation

Did you know that termites most often have more than one queen, unlike other ants that require a queen. The first termite in a colony is the primary queen, and then they have several secondary queens, which can also lay eggs and will be able to take over the primary role if needed.I didn’t know that termites don’t live on their own, and they are organized much like a ants nest and bee hives, so that in order control termites you have to kill the entire colony in order to rid any type of infestation.

I am finding the facts about termites because  I suspect that I may have to call on a professional to come take a look and see if we are dealing with an infestation of termites, in the basement. So before I start calling around, I thought that I would do a little research on the subject. I try to be educated consumer as much a possible and the Internet definitely makes this task a whole lot easier, so I have been looking at a few websites and have found a lot of good useful and interesting information that we be beneficial. has a really good Termite Guide to offer, I am so very glad that I found such a site and I am now ready to start looking to see what Termite Company I should call, I’m looking for one that gives Free Estimates and the Internet will once again come into play with this search.

Rock N Roll Has A Slinky

pure nickel sound

Rock n Roll’s Slinky

I have enjoyed spending my Friday off of work, getting some things around the house done and quite honestly a good amount of time just chilling and spending time on my laptop, while eating up all the left-overs from the past couple of meals. I hate throwing food away, I can be a real stinker about wasting food. I’m kind of OCD in that way. But then we all have our own little unique oddities, needs and wants in this life time.

So while doing some idle YouTube surfing, I ran across a video concerning these Ernie Ball 2251 pure nickel Slinky Electric Guitar Strings that I sorta remember hearing about years ago through some friends of mine that had one of those basement or garage bands before they all got caught up in relationships, careers, health and kids. We still keep in touch, though usually via Facebook rather than jam sessions that we all had such a blast doing for those days gone by.

Anyway I thought I’d post the video here and share what I learned. Figured I’d put it on Facebook as well and share it with some of the gang. I’ll use it as my “topic of the day”.

Milk Shakes

I love a good milk shake and have found a great one at the local Sheetz gas station here in town. They are only $2.29 and they have a good variety of flavors to offer. I usually end up with a plain vanilla one but once in a while I’ll get a strawberry one, but I stay away from the chocolate ones. If I want chocolate I’ll buy a chocolate candy bar to enjoy. Chick Fillet also has good milk shakes but they are a bit more costly, so Sheetz is the place to go for me right now.


milkshakes at Sheetz

Sheetz Milkshakes