Bottled Water

More and more people are drinking bottled water, which is a good thing. The bad thing is that more and more people are just tossing the empty bottles into the trash or worse yet, littering our Mother Earth with the empties. It doesn’t take much effort to put the empties into a recycling bin people!

way too many bottles

Please Recycle!

Slides For A Noiseless and Easy Opening Pantry

One day it would be nice to have the kitchen remodeled. My mother would never have dreamed of asking for a newer kitchen, but I have no problem what-so-ever. In my house things are run a whole lot different than the house that I grew up in.

My mother was a stay-at-home mom and did all the things that the woman was expected to do, while my father working 40 hours a week and during his spare time he was either in the garage, in front of the T.V. or taking a nap on the couch.

What I wouldn’t do for some of the nicer things that have come on the market for today’s kitchens. The first thing on my list would be to switch from an electric range to gas, a newer more energy efficient refrigerator and new slides for pantry and other drawers and cabinets, My BFF had all new cabinets installed in her kitchen a couple of years ago and my favorite feature of all were the slides that made them all open and close with such ease and with no noise! What a great concept.

Each year when I am doing my taxes I think to myself that I should really commit and hire a contractor to re do the kitchen, but then life seems to always get in the way in the month of May! And then there is the summer months that follow……..

quiet and easy

Fulterer FR 775 and FR 777 Pantry slides

My Sister’s Eyes

My sister has been talking about getting her eye’s fixed, so that she won’t have to deal with contacts and/or eye glasses anymore. And ever since her best friend, who lives in California, just recently got her Lasik in San Francisco done and is very happy with the results, my sister has been putting the pressure on her husband, big time. I can’t say that I blame her, the prices have come down these days and have become more affordable and of course financing is always on option, although I prefer to use cash when ever possible.

Helping My Folks Find Promotional Stress Relievers

Told my mother that I would look around and see if I could find some cool, different, interesting and exciting promotional products for her and my dad to use at the next Trade Show that they have signed up for in order to get more business generated for the mail and packaging store that isn’t doing so well during these horrible economic times. They opened this store about 8 years ago and it was taking off pretty well at first and then our wonderful government had to go and screw things up so badly that most people are experiencing tragedies left and right. They worked so hard to get this small business set up and working that it just kills me to see them losing money month after month and I really want to be able to something, anything to try and help in any way that I can.

stress ball promo

pig stress ball promo

I have been to a few Trade Shows in the past, they are a great way to drum up business and network with other folks in the same boat. I’ve seen plenty of promotional items that I thought were just a complete waste of time and money as well as finding some pretty cool giveaways along the way. I mean we have all seen our fair share of promotional candy, logo pens and pencils, promo golf tees and key chains. I want to find something that will really catch a person’s eye and something that they will really use, enjoy and keep around in order to keep the business name on the front line.

Off the top of my head I am thinking of looking to find promotional stress relievers, we could all use some stress relief these days. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days. Check out this cool standing pig stress reliever that I just found online. I have always had a thing for pigs, but I don’t think my folks would be impressed so I have a lot of looking around to do the next couple of days.

The Issue Of Boxers

My daughter is always coming up with something that just seems to blow my mind, but I guess that is what most tweens do to their parents, sigh. Her latest issue is with the under garments that she is currently wearing, she is complaining that she no longer wants to wear the underwear that I have been buying for her since she stopped wearing diapers and she now wants me to buy her boxers, like the one’s that her best friend is now wearing.

I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this girl is wearing boxers under her tight fitting jeans. I have tried to explain to my daughter that her jeans will not fit the same if she starts wearing boxers but she has a strong will (wonder where she got that from?) and a mind of her own and of course I am just her mother so what do I know right?

Guess I pick her up a couple of pairs these weekend and see how they feel to her and take it from there. I’ll bet we will need to go shopping for jeans that will accommodate all that extra material that will be bunching up inside.

girls will be girls

Girls Wearing Boxers