Today’s Fashionable Medical Uniforms

March 11th, 2011, by Laura

I had to take off work early today to take my daughter to her doctor this afternoon. Her dad couldn’t get away from his job and she was running a pretty high fever for 2 days now and with tomorrow being Saturday, her doctor’s office isn’t open on the weekends, I didn’t want to chance her getting any worse and one of us having to take her to the E.R. My kid never gets sick Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Although they (the doctor’s office) have horrible office hours, they are wonderful in many other ways. I like that they are right next to the hospital and the other medical buildings and offices that we end up going to for various specialists and testings. When we end up needing a bit to eat, about the only people you see at the McDonald’s, in that part of town, are wearing medical uniforms and are employeed in the huge medical center or one of the surrounding buildings. It’s so nice to finally see that it is OK to wear something other than the same old plain white uniforms for healthcare providers that we all grew up around in our day. More and more of our medical professionals are sporting medical uniforms in various patterns and a nice and growing variety of colors, which I think is a wonderful idea, one that is well over due. I mean who would want to wear the same old thing, day after day, week after week, month after month and God forbid – year after year! An unthinkable concept.

Anyway, my daughterr will be fine in a few days. No anti biotics this time around, which is fine with me. Those horse pills are a pain to try and get her to swallow for 10 days in a row, what a pain. Besides being big in size, the price tag for those puppies aren’t cheap, I can tell you that.

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