Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Recycling With or Without An E

I’m glad to know that people all over the world are doing wonderful things in a huge effort to save our Mother Earth. Being “green” is certainly the way to be these days and rightfully so, says I. I have always done all that I can possibly do to recycle at home and at work. When I worked for a major insurance company I started and coordinated a recycling program that I hope is still be continued today even though I haven’t worked there for over a decade. It gave me something to sink my teeth into and it was a positive energy that I put to good use and was proud of the way it all turned out.

I’m now learning about e-waste recycling, which I am beginning to think is very interesting. Veolia Environmental Services, a waste management and industrial services which is located in Australia and their web site, Veoliaes.com.au, is one that I stumbled on the other night while looking up some information concerning waste management in Astralia.

I’m thinking on suggesting that the company that I work for now look into a program for their e-waste recycling items that are currently just getting tossed into the trash, thus landing in our precious land fills. I think I’m up for the challenge, it worked well with the last office, years back, so it only makes sense to try again.