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March 15th, 2014, by Laura

Today on the way home I was coming around a corner at 35 mph and hit a patch of Black Ice. I ended up with the rear end off the side of the road for just a bit before I managed to get it back under control right before the SUV, that was coming at me, hit me head on. The look on the guys face as we went by each other will stick in my mind for a very long time!

danger, danger

SUV on black ice

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January 28th, 2014, by Laura

We are finding out that most of our diets are not allowing our bodies to receive all the vitamins and minerals that we so desperately need in order to maintain a healthy life. B17 is just one of the many nutrients our body needs and we now know that one of the best way to get that B17 is to eat organic apricot kernels. You can eat them like alone, but they are on the bitter side. You can also prepare and eat them dipped in honey;  ground and sprinkled on a sandwich or salad; in a blended drink; inside a dried apricot; or add them to your favorite trail mix.

Since I have a sweet tooth and don’t enjoy most things that taste bitter, I have tried them dipped in honey and I can’t tell you how yummy they are prepared that way. I am trying so hard to eat healthier. I want to be around when my daughter graduates, gets married and makes me a grandmother. Most of my friends are all ready grandparents and they are always talking how great it is, I want to find out for myself and if I don’t start eating right, exercising and taking care of myself all the way around, I just might not be around to see for myself.

bitter raw apricot kernels

Apricot Power

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January 9th, 2014, by Laura

Since we had a near miss on Christmas, with my 1 1/2 year old niece almost falling down the stairs that go to the basement, I am insisting on having an pneumatic door closer put on the door heading into the laundry room. If Uncle Bill had not seen her out of the corner of his eye and grabbed her, she easily would have tumbled down the 12 hard concrete stairs and possibly broken her neck.

I spent some time today online looking for these clamps, arms, blocks, brackets and found what I think will do the trick in less than 10 minutes and clicked the Submit Order button. You just gotta love the Internet. So much easier than going into town.

As soon as the order hits the front porch I will have them installed just as fast as I can get my screw gun and drill out of the tool box in the garage.

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December 22nd, 2013, by Laura

Since my sister has been told not to drive until her doctor gives her the go ahead to start driving again, I have been helping her with getting back and forth to various doctor appointments and some of the meetings that she attends each month with various civic organizations that she has gotten involved with. It has given us the opportunity to do some sisterly bonding which has been good for the both of us and I am glad to help her in any way that I can. Both of sisters are always doing things for me and I rarely get the opportunity to return the favors, so this is a great way for me to feel better about everything.

Last night I took her to the community center for her monthly Ruritan meeting. This was a big meeting with a good amount of “big-wigs” in attendance so she got herself all “dolled” up for this one. She wore her new tie dye dress that she bought a few months ago and hasn’t had the chance to wear. I was happy to lend her the perfect belt to wear with it to make it look just a bit more fancy with the promise of returning it as soon as possible. This is my favorite belt and I’d hate to lose it.

I just wish that I could have convinced her to wear a different pair of shoes. The ones she wore looked like the shoes that our mother and Aunt Ginny have been wearing since they stopped working and didn’t have to wear high heels anymore. I understand that comfort shoes for women are important and all and I know that they have a great variety of comfortable shoes for men and women that don’t look like “old people” shoes. In fact today I sent my sister the link to several “comfortable shoe” sites that I have found that I want her to seriously take a look at and hopefully order from in the future.

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September 7th, 2013, by Laura

Last night was a night that I had a rough time falling asleep. It seemed as if as soon as I’d fall asleep I would wake up with a start and start tossing and turning once again. Since I couldn’t sleep I turned the TV on and found that every channel was talking about the crisis over in Japan. What I found interesting was that it is always focused on the Reactors and the issues going on with that stressful issue. Don’t get me wrong this is a serious concern, but I haven’t heard anything about the poor people that were effected by the earthquake and the tsunami, except for maybe a blurb or two once in a while how aid is finally coming to Japan by ways of bottles of water and rice.

I just heard that the Black Eyed Peas were just over in Japan, filming a new video and had left just a few days before this crisis hit. I can imagine how people were over there right before all this happened and that they are all thanking their lucky stars that they got out just in the nick of time.

There is a lot more I could talk about what is going on over there, but since I didn’t get much sleep last night I’m pooped and heading for bed in hopes of getting a decent night’s sleep tonight. Good night and God Bless.

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