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I have always enjoyed the dried Ocean Spray fruits that they have been pumping out for a good long time now. And I’m so happy that they are continuing to put out new flavors. My newest favorite is the Pomegranate and the Blueberry ones. If you haven’t tried them yet I suggest that you give them a try. The are good and sweet, but a healthy snack that you can eat by the handfuls if you care to.

dried blueberries by ocean spray

Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries

Blood Dolphins, The Animal Planet

The Animal Planet is doing a wonderful job in bringing attention to the brutality being done to dolphins in many countries with their new show Blood Dolphins. I found this clip on and wanted to share it here. I hope more people watch this show and that it enlightens a lot of good people to the atrocities being done to thousands of dolphins each year.

Going The Extra Mile For Women

It is amazing how they are making estetica wigs for woman that look so much like a persons real hair. More and more woman are losing their hair due to the various types of cancer that require treatment that makes their hair fall out. My mother goes to a hair stylist that has gone the extra mile and added a back room for the ladies who wear wigs, to give them some privacy during their time of need. One day I plan on going their with her and let the owner know just how much I think of her doing this. In my opinion we need more people/businesses that will cater to folks who need a special touch!

Hot & Cold, Hot & Cold…..

I have been dealing with these menopausal symptoms for years now and the hot flashes and the night sweats are driving right up the wall. My sleep has been greatly disturbed by this horrible condition and the doctors have tried so many types of sleeping pills, but none so far have done the job. A few have really knocked me out, but the next day is Hell and I can’t deal with that very often.

I have heard of a product by the name of Estroven for years and I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try. It advertises that it a natural menopause symptom relief product that reduces hot flashes and night sweats, and I am glad that I tried it because it does in deed seem to be helping. You can even go to their website of and get a coupon for $3 off, that is a nice chunk of change to save.

I now take the Estroven plus Energy in the morning with food and then at night I am taking the Estroven PM and it has reduced the sweats and have put me to sleep nicely so far, without the next morning hangover effect that so many of the prescription sleeping aids have done in the past.

Just Gotta Love My Shoes…..

OK, summer is right around the corner and I’m more than ready to start getting ready for the outdoor activities that I’ve been neglecting due to the nasty weather that this winter has brought us. I’m looking online at getting some new Sneakers or possibly a pair of quality Running Shoes and start running and exercising. I’m not getting any younger and I really need to step up to the plate and start taking my health a bit more seriously. The big “Five O” is fast approaching and it’s up to me to keep myself in the best shape possible.

I have a bike that I have been meaning to take down and out of the garage, but haven’t managed yet in the last 2 years, sigh……I even had a brand new pair of Bike Shoes  and Running Shoes that were bought and given to me as a Christmas present a few years back and they are still in the box in my closet. I love Shoes and have a closet full at my disposal and I’m always on the look out for new ones to adorn my feet with! I’ve always loved shoes, used to drive me mother crazy. When I was married I used to get all kinds of crap from my husband about my love affair with shoes.

Anyway online shoe shopping is a great way to find some wonderful variety of shoes. If they don’t fit or look right I just return them and move on.  Shopwiki  is a great site to use in order to find all types of products, I use them quite a lot. Online shopping is the only way to go for me these days and is becoming more popular each and every day all around the world, amazing isn’t it?