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December 8th, 2014, by Laura

I love how Facebook has helped me reconnect with so many friends I used to have in the high school days. So many of us lost touch over the years, and I was not able to attend the last official reunion. But now I am finding several people who I liked a lot, and several of them have married or remarried so their last names are different now.

One of my best girlfriends from junior high school just popped up on Facebook and I’m trying to catch up with everything she has been doing. From her profile, it looks like she is married and has an adopted daughter. They’ve moved to Montana and she is working for the county’s agricultural department.

I have always been a little concerned about living in a remote area, but she assured me that an alarm system from home security gives her and Bobby the peace of mind at night while they sleep but also during the day while they are away working their jobs. The alarm system notifies police and her by phone if anything happens, and so far they have not had any issues at all. Funny, but I never realized that some people have to take steps to protect their homes from not only humans who might try to break in, but also from bears.

Of course, when you live that far out in a rural area, cable TV is not an option for hundreds of thousands of people. So to get TV programming, they found to a satellite package to subscribe to  and this works out for them great.

It was so very cool to find her on Facebook – with them in Montana, its not like I would ever run into either one of them in the local grocery store!

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December 3rd, 2014, by Laura

You just have to admit that this Fender guitar is a beauty. There is something about that Fender flare that just floats my boat. I have been such a good girl this year, wouldn’t it be great if Santa left this under the tree for me on Christmas morning? Most likely not, but a girl can dream can’t she? I mean I make sure my daughter gets what she wants for Christmas, what about me?

electric guitar by fender

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst Maple Neck

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November 22nd, 2014, by Laura

My first car was a 1967 Ford Mustang, god how I loved that car. She had a 287 under the hood, with a 3 speed on the floor and she could stomp all the other cars in a heart beat. She not only looked good and ran good, but she sounded good too. I got pulled over one time buy a State Cop who said that I had “glass packs” on her proceeded to crawl under her to see. Heck I didn’t even know what “glass packs” were back then. He did seem very disappointed that he didn’t find anything illegal on her and let me go on my merry way, thank goodness!

I ran across an interesting site the other evening that had all types of car and truck exhaust systems and  interesting exhaust tips listed, which I found to be of good reading quality and it reminded me of my run in with the law with my beloved Mustang, back in the good old days. I wish that I still had her. Once in a while I’ll see one some where that looks just like her and it brings back some really cool memories. Maybe one day I’ll find another 67 Ford Mustang that I can buy and I’ll be in Mustang heaven once again.

my first car

1967 Yellow Ford Mustang

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November 11th, 2014, by Laura

Having a good insurance agent can really pay off in so many ways. The allred insurance burlington nc has been such a good and positive experience throughout the years. There is no way I would ever even think about switching any of my insurance policies, although according to all of the commercial that we are bombarded with, there might be a cheaper rate out there with another company.

My father always says “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it”

Allred Insurance

I’m Not Going Anywhere

Another one of his favorite sayings is “If you can’t fix it with a hammer, get a bigger hammer”  LOL!

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November 6th, 2014, by Laura

I used to drive my mother totally crazy with my addiction to shoes while growing up and living under her roof. My mother wasn’t one to have a large selection of foot wear, she probably owns less than a dozen different types of shoes and is content with what is all ready in her closet. Me, on the other hand, has a whole closet full of shoes and boots and am always on the look out for new ones to add to my ever growing collection that I have been working on since I was a pre teen. And now that the Internet has turned into such a valuable tool in finding products of all makes and models I can shop for new shoes without ever having to leave the house and then they are delivered right to my door!

It cracks me up to see all the new and very unusual shoes that are coming out, with so many celebrities wearing them, which of course makes the every day consumer want and need to go dashing out and buying the same type and/or style with little or no regard to how stupid they look on her. It takes a special type of woman to pull off those types of shoes, as well as learning how to walk in them without looking like an idiot on top of it all.

can't have too many shoes

Must Have A Closet Full Of Shoes




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