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Helping My Folks Find Promotional Stress Relievers

Told my mother that I would look around and see if I could find some cool, different, interesting and exciting promotional products for her and my dad to use at the next Trade Show that they have signed up for in order to get more business generated for the mail and packaging store that isn’t doing so well during these horrible economic times. They opened this store about 8 years ago and it was taking off pretty well at first and then our wonderful government had to go and screw things up so badly that most people are experiencing tragedies left and right. They worked so hard to get this small business set up and working that it just kills me to see them losing money month after month and I really want to be able to something, anything to try and help in any way that I can.

stress ball promo

pig stress ball promo

I have been to a few Trade Shows in the past, they are a great way to drum up business and network with other folks in the same boat. I’ve seen plenty of promotional items that I thought were just a complete waste of time and money as well as finding some pretty cool giveaways along the way. I mean we have all seen our fair share of promotional candy, logo pens and pencils, promo golf tees and key chains. I want to find something that will really catch a person’s eye and something that they will really use, enjoy and keep around in order to keep the business name on the front line.

Off the top of my head I am thinking of looking to find promotional stress relievers, we could all use some stress relief these days. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days. Check out this cool standing pig stress reliever that I just found online. I have always had a thing for pigs, but I don’t think my folks would be impressed so I have a lot of looking around to do the next couple of days.

No More Boring Uniforms in The Medical Field

My sister-in-law, Linda, is enjoying her new job in a near by and very busy pediatric doctor’s practice, that she went back to school and worked so hard to achieve. She is such an upbeat and happy person, who has the perfect personality to be working with kids day in and day out, along with the other people working in this large and still ever growing kid friendly medical practice.

One thing that she was concerned about was the issue of having to wear a uniform to work each day.  Linda is a total fashion and accessories freak and has more clothes then one woman would ever need in her life time and would be miserable having to wear only uniforms at work. So she was happy to find that the other woman working there have turned her onto a great website that offers a a nice variety of scrub clothing that they have been ordering from lately and are thrilled with the quality of their products as well as their prices. Since Linda is so busy with her new full time job and still has the kids and my brother to deal with, shopping online is very appealing to her.

I’m so happy that she has found a great new career with some nice people and I wish her all the luck in the world. I also look forward to hearing some funny and entertaining stories that I’m sure she will come up with in time about the people and the place that she is now spending so much of her time with.

Soldiers Dancing the Cha Cha

A friend of mine showed me this video at least 4 years ago. We got the biggest kick out of it and watched it over and over dozens of times. It took me a while to find it again and it still makes me laugh and I wanted to share it here. These guys are too darn cute……

This particular video has to be in the top 5 of my “all time favorite” YouTube video’s!

John & Marsha

My brother-in-law was telling me of the new neighbors that had moved next door. He went over and introduced himself to them and chatted for a few minutes to welcome them to the neighborhood. He tells me that their names are John and Marsha. When he told me their names, I got a big old smile on my face from a memory that hadn’t found it’s way to my brain cells in a very long time.

Years ago, as a kid, my father used to listen to an album that had a hilarious comedy bit called John & Marsha. It was one of the funniest things that we listened to back in the day, so I went online today to see if I could find anything on it. I hit the Jackpot and found exactly what I was looking for. Stan Freberg was the comedian.

I immediately went to Amazon and ordered the album.

The Carpenter Pencil

Did you know that with a Carpenter Pencil putting a simple notch in the middle of the lead with something like the corner of a file will make it possible to draw two parallel lines at once? Pretty clever idea right? Just of the things I learned about about the Carpenter Pencil. Not sure why I was reading up on them, just one of those little trivia facts that we all stumble across while online.

The Carpenter Pencil has body with a rectangular or elliptical cross-section to prevent it from rolling away and can be used by numerous other types of professions, not only to carpenters. Actually they have started to come out with crayons made much like a carpenter pencil. They are harder to roll off of the paper and/or the table. I remember seeing one of my nephews coloring with his set of new crayons that his mother had picked up at the flea market and stored away for a rainy day, much like the day I was over there.

keeping it sharp but safe

Sharpening And Using A Carpenter’s Pencil