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July 14th, 2014, by Laura

When ever I research an item via the Internet I always take the time to the Read Full Review articles that are written for consumers such as myself. I really appreciate it when they provide positive as well as the negative. Not all companies do them both so when I was looking at the Musician’s Gear TRS – TRS Patch Cable 8-Pack (17″) Right Angle items that Musicians Friend has to offer I was impressed that they provided both types of reviews as well as free shipping and handling as well as being marked down from $39.99 to a crazy low price of $9.99. You just can’t beat that with a stick!

8 pack of TRS Patch Cables

Musician’s Gear TRS – TRS Patch Cable 8-Pack (17″) Right Angle

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July 3rd, 2014, by Laura

Our 2006 Chevrolet Silverado seems to be in need of a brake job, sigh….More money being spent on transportation, will it never end? If it isn’t one thing it is another with the vehicles that we have at this point. It seems that each month one of our vehicles is in need of something or another. My husband is pretty handy with a wrench but today’s vehicles all need the attention of a computer and so many specific tools that he just doesn’t have handy, so it is almost impossible to do anything other than take it to the shop for the required work.

It depends on the vehicle and the credit card balance at the time of the required work. This time I decided to use the Internet and see if I could find a decent auto repair shop online that might be able to assist us with this task. I found a website Repair Pal that allows you to type in your required location, required service needs and the type of vehicle in need and then leads you to¬†companies that are out there that can help you. It was pretty cool actually, I found a repair shop that I had never heard of, so I gave them a call and I have an appointment for the morning. We will see how it all pans out and I’ll keep you posted.


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June 22nd, 2014, by Laura

The Animal Planet is doing a wonderful job in bringing attention to the brutality being done to dolphins in many countries with their new show Blood Dolphins. I found this clip on and wanted to share it here. I hope more people watch this show and that it enlightens a lot of good people to the atrocities being done to thousands of dolphins each year.

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June 11th, 2014, by Laura

Checked my email late last night. I was worried that we were going to lose power again with all the seriously extreme weather that we have been blasted with for so long. I made sure that I got all of my prescriptions filled, got a full tank of gas, milk, toilet paper and charged my cell phone, just in case.

I was tickled to hear that the Ableton Software Controller that I had ordered for my brother-in-law’s birthday yesterday, arrived in the mail, and his is thrilled with the gift. You never know when you order something online if it will arrive in time. Usually it does but once in a while something happens, which throws me into a panic. I have learned to order things in more of a timely fashion, just in case.

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June 5th, 2014, by Laura

Any one who knows anything about playing music can appreciate what a good amp can do for you. So I thought that the rivera amp would make a great high school graduation gift for my nephew. He has had a tough last couple of years with his parents splitting up and having to up and relocate, which made him have to finish his high school in a totally different state, leaving his friends and class mates that he grew up with. He even had to leave his buddies that had put together a pretty decent band.

The garage at the old house was a perfect place for these kids to meet and hang out. Most of that down time turned into time for playing music. A lot of his old friends¬† keep in touch with him via text or Facebook, but we all know that things just don’t stay the same after you leave. We have been hoping and praying that he would make new friends at the new school but so far he has become what you would call a loner, which makes me sad. Hopefully this new amp will pick up his spirits some. I miss hearing him play.

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