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The Spilling of Sweet Tea

Last summer my husband and I went to Mont Holy, VA to visit some family that were getting together at my grandparents house. At the last minute before we took off on our road trip there, my cousin had called me to ask if I could take her daughter to the family get together, due to her having to work extra shifts at work. I agreed and we picked her up along the way to my grandparents house in Mont Holy, VA.

Only two days after our arrival the kids were running around and playing in the house, and my little cousin, my cousins daughter who I brought along, spilled her whole sweet tea all over my grandmothers Yamaha piano she had just gotten a few years prior to the spill on it. I felt horrible about and so I thought I would take that night to search the net for a new one to replace it with.

It didn’t take long for me to find a an unbelievable priced yamaha dgx 640 at wwbw that I thought she would absolutely love and appreciate. I ordered it and had it shipped right to her door, and when she received it she called me with such joy in her voice. She loved her new Yamaha dgx key digital piano, and I’m glad I could replace it with an upgrade that didn’t break my wallet.

The Need for Good Insurance

Insurance has become one heck of a huge industry, not only here in the U.S. of A. but all over the world. I have a good friend that moved to “The Land of Down Under” several years ago, I so glad to be able to say that we keep in contact pretty well via emails every couple of weeks or so. She always has such exciting news and stories to share in her emails and I always look forward to hearing from her. She sends me links to various sites in Australia to check out and I find them entertaining and interesting as well.

She is currently shopping for cheap funeral insurance, which threw me for a loop, funeral insurance isn’t something that people our age are generally looking into, but probably should be. You never know what will happen and when. She sent me a link to a local company, which is a well established insurance company there, so I took a gander at it for a bit of time last night. It is interesting to see the different types of insurance that they have to offer over there. I mean they have the typical home, auto and real life insurance policies to offer, as one would expect, but they also have Pay As You Drive car insurance, Bicycle insurance, Landlord’s insurance, which I thought was pretty cool.

I wish that we could talk on the phone, but neither one of us can afford those types of phone bills. I’d love to know if she has picked up an accent yet and would love to hear it. I’m sure it would make me giggle! She always had a cute voice to begin with, so I’d love to hear how she sounds now.

Falling Bridges

It’s very scary to hear that the Bay Bridge is falling apart, big time, as thousands of people cross over it each and every day. I’m glad that they closed the bridge, but I’m sure that there are lots of very unhappy and stressed out commuters out that way for now. I’ve never been all that crazy about driving over a bridge, but knowing that so many of our bridges are in desperate need of repair makes me think twice these days.

Bartering Skills

Not a good way for the day to start when you go outside to get into your truck, only to find that your driver’s side window has been completely smashed out. It seems that there has been an increase in the surrounding neighborhood in vehicle vandalism, by way of smashing windows and windshields, such as mine.

Since I only carry the minimum required liability insurance on my truck, this is going to be an out of pocket expense, to the tune of $200. I spent an hour or so, calling around to the local auto window repair companies getting several estimates, it was interesting to see the variety of numbers that were quoted, the last being the most expensive.

When I sounded a bit alarmed at the highest estimate, the gentleman told me that their policy of matching their competitors prices would come into play, which brought the total down a bit and is now scheduled to being done by a national company (Safelite), who will send their mobile unit out, replace any necessary moldings, and vacuum out of the old glass that is still all over the inside of the truck while reducing their price by $50, just by me taking the time to talk to this guy and using my bartering skills, which I’ve been known for.

Dirty Carpet

My carpet is in bad shape and is in need of a good shampooing. I can’t really afford to hire a company to come in and do a professional job, so it looks like I’ll be renting a machine from the grocery store and spending Saturday doing the work myself. Not something that I’m looking forward to doing but I just can’t take looking at it in the shape that it is currently in.

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Dirty Carpet