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Rock N Roll Has A Slinky

pure nickel sound

Rock n Roll’s Slinky

I have enjoyed spending my Friday off of work, getting some things around the house done and quite honestly a good amount of time just chilling and spending time on my laptop, while eating up all the left-overs from the past couple of meals. I hate throwing food away, I can be a real stinker about wasting food. I’m kind of OCD in that way. But then we all have our own little unique oddities, needs and wants in this life time.

So while doing some idle YouTube surfing, I ran across a video concerning these Ernie Ball 2251 pure nickel Slinky Electric Guitar Strings that I sorta remember hearing about years ago through some friends of mine that had one of those basement or garage bands before they all got caught up in relationships, careers, health and kids. We still keep in touch, though usually via Facebook rather than jam sessions that we all had such a blast doing for those days gone by.

Anyway I thought I’d post the video here and share what I learned. Figured I’d put it on Facebook as well and share it with some of the gang. I’ll use it as my “topic of the day”.

Actual Crack in a Boeing 737

This is scary for anyone who travels frequently by plane!!!!

Actual crack in a US Airways Boeing 737 window frame! Fliers beware of the sub standard maintenance on the airplanes that you fly on. This is an actual crack that was found in the window frame on a 737. I’ll definitely think twice before flying USAir.


Keeping Your Customers Happy

I really enjoy and appreciate it when I end up in a waiting room, like at the E.R., and they have a Commercial Satellite TV to offer us poor folks that are usually stuck sitting there for at least 6 hours or more. There is nothing worse than sitting there waiting with nothing to do and nothing to occupy your time but a bunch of old, out dated magazines that are usually coated with all kinds of germs from the hundreds of people handling them with all kinds of nasties on their hands.

I’m noticing that more and more businesses are hooked up with the likes of a DIRECT TV Business Account to keep their customers/clients entertained with a touch of class with a nice large screen TV and plenty of channels to choose from. It’s really a nice change that I’m all for these days. We all spend much of our time in waiting rooms and being able to watch TV is a nice change of pace.

Business Satellite TV is much more affordable these days for most businesses and you can get a quote right online for your business if you feel you have the need to keep your customers happy while waiting. It’s all good!

Dog Tired

The family dog that went on a 2 day adventure and ended up 5 miles away from the house is still tired out, big time. She isn’t eating much, but is drinking a ton of water, so she goes outside to do her business and that is about all she does these past few days. I’m hoping that she is all right and that she will be back to her old self soon.

tired and thirsty

Dog Tired

Vehicle Repair

My sister has the worst luck with vehicles. Being single and living far from home makes the whole situation even worse. She has a nice 2001 Toyota Corolla that has been pretty good to her for the past few years, but know she is starting to find more and more things that are needing attention on the darn thing.

Right now she is dealing with a water pump issue as well as checking into Reverse Osmosis Indianapolis for their dirty water crisis. The need for vehicle repair never happens at a good time, but there are certainly worse times to have to deal with the parting of your hard earned money and being separated from your vehicle during the needed repair time at one of her selected Chicago auto repair shops.

She is a single mom that has 2 kids to shuffle around and of course works two jobs to support them with and needs a good running and reliable car to round all over town in. Toyota’s are good cars, parts are easy to find and are pretty much affordable, as affordable parts go, but it all takes money and time, two things that she doesn’t have a whole lot of to spare these days.