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Co-Worker Eloped

I am sitting at my computer exhausted and trying to distract myself from work. I am suppose to be looking up Texas Electricity Providers for my boss, but I feel like I have been working non-stop and have not had a second to breathe since I came in this morning. I have decided to update my blog (that I have not updated in two months!). I usually am not the slacker on my blog or at my job that I appear to be. I think that I am just burned out.

My co-worker who basically had my same job title quit three months ago. She fell in love, eloped in Vegas, and never came back to work. I of course, have gotten slammed with all of her work because the HR department is just about as slow as Christmas when it comes to the hiring process. I have basically been doing two jobs and have only been getting paid to do one. I have gotten behind in all things personal life. I miss blogging and staying in touch with friends. They have got to hire someone soon!