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May 31st, 2014, by Laura

One of our dogs went missing 2 days ago. We have spent the last couple of days searching the woods and the neighborhood, calling everyone that we have a phone number to in the neighborhood searching for our beloved adopted Squeakers.

Last night the phone rang and it was a lady that lives over 5 miles away, informing us that our dog was in her back yard looking very tired, hungry and thirsty. We hauled ass over there and found our Squeakers in pretty sad shape but safe and sound.

What nice people they turned out to be. They went the extra mile to find out who this dog belonged to and made the effort to contact us and take care of our dog until we arrived.

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March 21st, 2014, by Laura

I guess the new thing around here is not only going to the store and starting a gift registry if you’re getting married or having a baby but also sending out a list of gifts you might want for your up coming birthday.  Has anyone else run into something like this? I have a friend that is having a big birthday party and they sent out this list of things they want.

One of the things was a set of ultrasone headphones. Personally I had no idea what they were other than just headphones so I did a search for them.  Boy was I surprised at how expensive they were.  Luckily I found some that were more reasonable than on some other sites. One thing is for sure, I would never send out a list of items I wanted like they did. I mean, it’s okay for a kid to give you a list of things they want but an adult??? I just found it odd, or is it me that’s the odd one here?

I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this. Times are always changing, new traditions always being brought into the picture. But who ultimately decides on what is the right thing to do. Think about it, we don’t even have the real Dear Abby or the real Dear Ann to turn to  for “proper etiquette” to these days.

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December 27th, 2013, by Laura

You can bet that my sister and her hubby are glad that they used acoustical soundproof foam in the garage walls, since the son Tommy received a nice set of drums for Christmas from his grandparents. I swear I think our parents do things like this on purpose, although they act all surprised and innocent like when we question their actions. But since the drum set is only allowed in the garage I think that will reduce the noise a whole heck of a lot. It’s a good thing that they have heating and air conditioning in their garage since I believe Tommy will be spending a lot of his time (along with his musician friends) in there.

Drumming for Christmas

Christmas Drumming

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August 20th, 2013, by Laura

The other week after talking with a few gals at work about the upcoming holidays, all I have been thinking about is Christmas presents, decorations, family dinners, and Christmas trees. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and since it was right around the corner I decided it was time to go shopping instead of waiting until the last minute to do it all and stress out.

After a few days after work shopping around at different stores in town, I decided to take a late night after the kids were in bed to search the net for some things for the upcoming holidays that I didn’t find or gather at the local stores. I came across a really neat site that offered cute snowbabies ornaments that I fell in love with. I ordered multiple ornaments since they came with an awesome price and I am so excited to decorate our Christmas tree this year and watch the kids and my father open up some of these gifts I had gathered for them.

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August 14th, 2013, by Laura

You Tube is always giving us entertaining videos to keep us laughing and coming back for more. The best ones are often the ones with animals in them. The majority are of cats and dogs but certainly not all of them. I can spend over an hour on You Tube just clicking away from funny, cute and adorable videos to another. Good stuff.

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