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John & Marsha

My brother-in-law was telling me of the new neighbors that had moved next door. He went over and introduced himself to them and chatted for a few minutes to welcome them to the neighborhood. He tells me that their names are John and Marsha. When he told me their names, I got a big old smile on my face from a memory that hadn’t found it’s way to my brain cells in a very long time.

Years ago, as a kid, my father used to listen to an album that had a hilarious comedy bit called John & Marsha. It was one of the funniest things that we listened to back in the day, so I went online today to see if I could find anything on it. I hit the Jackpot and found exactly what I was looking for. Stan Freberg was the comedian.

I immediately went to Amazon and ordered the album.

Rock N Roll Has A Slinky

pure nickel sound

Rock n Roll’s Slinky

I have enjoyed spending my Friday off of work, getting some things around the house done and quite honestly a good amount of time just chilling and spending time on my laptop, while eating up all the left-overs from the past couple of meals. I hate throwing food away, I can be a real stinker about wasting food. I’m kind of OCD in that way. But then we all have our own little unique oddities, needs and wants in this life time.

So while doing some idle YouTube surfing, I ran across a video concerning these Ernie Ball 2251 pure nickel Slinky Electric Guitar Strings that I sorta remember hearing about years ago through some friends of mine that had one of those basement or garage bands before they all got caught up in relationships, careers, health and kids. We still keep in touch, though usually via Facebook rather than jam sessions that we all had such a blast doing for those days gone by.

Anyway I thought I’d post the video here and share what I learned. Figured I’d put it on Facebook as well and share it with some of the gang. I’ll use it as my “topic of the day”.

Baby Gift Baskets For Baby Showers

It usually happens at least a couple of times a year that I get an invitation to attend a baby shower. So I try and and stock up on gifts through out the year, so that I am ready to go without having to worry about coming up with a gift at the last minute. I’m pretty good at finding good deals online, so I do most of my buying utilizing the Internet. I look for free shipping, coupon codes, and sites that accept Pay Pal for payments.

One of my favorite sites that I order Baby Gift Baskets from is at babybasketbeyond dot com. They always have great prices, rewards, promotions, along with free shipping, great customer service and they always let me use my Pay Pal account to pay for my purchases. Baby Gift Baskets are a great gift for baby showers. They are filled with all kinds of useful and cute goodies that a new mother and new baby will need and then the basket can be used in the future for other usages.

I just ordered two more of their Baby Gift Baskets for the baby showers that are being planned in late November and early December. I just noticed that they have eco- friendly products for folks that are into the organic scene!

Dog Tired

The family dog that went on a 2 day adventure and ended up 5 miles away from the house is still tired out, big time. She isn’t eating much, but is drinking a ton of water, so she goes outside to do her business and that is about all she does these past few days. I’m hoping that she is all right and that she will be back to her old self soon.

tired and thirsty

Dog Tired

Booze, Football and Music

I have a little area in my basement that I have set up to use as a bar. I have a nice sized TV down there, an excellent sound system in place and a ton of great music just waiting to be played and heard. During football season it gets a lot of use, but the rest of the year it pretty much remains empty, but I’d like to change that so I’m doing a few things down there to get it up to speed and my first purchase is going to be a nice hanging wine glass rack that I found online at glassstemwareracks.com. They have a great selection of wine glass racks for sale, at really decent prices.

They offer a “No Hassle Return Policy” which is so important for online shoppers like myself. And I like that they accept PayPal, more places need to do that.  Not all of us have charge cards and Pay Pal is being used by more and more people each day and I’m going to use mine for some nice glass racks.  God I can’t wait for football season to come back around this fall! Maybe the Redskins will have a decent season this year.