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Bottled Water

More and more people are drinking bottled water, which is a good thing. The bad thing is that more and more people are just tossing the empty bottles into the trash or worse yet, littering our Mother Earth with the empties. It doesn’t take much effort to put the empties into a recycling bin people!

way too many bottles

Please Recycle!

Today’s News

Have you seen the prices on magazines these day? What the heck happened to where people are spending anywhere up to $18 for the magazines that you can find at any of your grocery stores, pharmacy or box store? I gave up having the local newspaper delivered years ago, it was becoming stressful seeing all of those newspapers piling up on the end table, basically untouched and eventually ending up in the recycling bin at the end of the drive way.

In today’s world I can find any type of News on the Internet with just a few simple clicks and it is always being updated so that yesterday’s news doesn’t end up in a pile somewhere. As well as costing me money that could be used for something else.

Since music is such an important pleasure for me I enjoy reading articles about music. The Hub is a great site to find all types of interesting, entertaining and useful news about everything and just about everyone regarding the music industry.

history is always being made with music

This Week In Music

No More Twinkies, Say It Isn’t So!

Word is that there is a strong possibility that we will not be seeing our beloved Twinkies (and other well known and well loved Hostess products) here in the near future and this story is all over the news these days. I remember going on a field trip back in elementary school to the local Hostess Bakery. It was a pretty cool field trip for kids that age. We were fascinated with the products that they produce and seeing how they made and packaged their baked goods was interesting and educational enough to keep our interest through out the entire tour. Something that is an issue with most field trips, if you can’t keep the kids interested they are going to wonder off and/or ruin the day for all the other kids and chaperones.

And the end of the field trip, each kid was given a mini loaf of Wonder Bread to take home and eat. We were all fascinated with these tiny little mini loafs with all of the brightly colored dots all over the package, something that Wonder Bread is well known for. I remember wanting to eat that bread right there on the bus, but I wanted to take it home and show my family before diving in and eating it all up. And if I remember correctly I never did eat the darn thing, which ended up requiring me to toss it out with the rest of the weekly garbage for the compost pile that my mother was always adamant about us contributing to for her gardens to utilize and prosper from.

Photograph of twinkies

Don’t go Twinkies!


Recycling With or Without An E

I’m glad to know that people all over the world are doing wonderful things in a huge effort to save our Mother Earth. Being “green” is certainly the way to be these days and rightfully so, says I. I have always done all that I can possibly do to recycle at home and at work. When I worked for a major insurance company I started and coordinated a recycling program that I hope is still be continued today even though I haven’t worked there for over a decade. It gave me something to sink my teeth into and it was a positive energy that I put to good use and was proud of the way it all turned out.

I’m now learning about e-waste recycling, which I am beginning to think is very interesting. Veolia Environmental Services, a waste management and industrial services which is located in Australia and their web site, Veoliaes.com.au, is one that I stumbled on the other night while looking up some information concerning waste management in Astralia.

I’m thinking on suggesting that the company that I work for now look into a program for their e-waste recycling items that are currently just getting tossed into the trash, thus landing in our precious land fills. I think I’m up for the challenge, it worked well with the last office, years back, so it only makes sense to try again.