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Dog Tired

The family dog that went on a 2 day adventure and ended up 5 miles away from the house is still tired out, big time. She isn’t eating much, but is drinking a ton of water, so she goes outside to do her business and that is about all she does these past few days. I’m hoping that she is all right and that she will be back to her old self soon.

tired and thirsty

Dog Tired

Vehicle Repair

My sister has the worst luck with vehicles. Being single and living far from home makes the whole situation even worse. She has a nice 2001 Toyota Corolla that has been pretty good to her for the past few years, but know she is starting to find more and more things that are needing attention on the darn thing.

Right now she is dealing with a water pump issue as well as checking into Reverse Osmosis Indianapolis for their dirty water crisis. The need for vehicle repair never happens at a good time, but there are certainly worse times to have to deal with the parting of your hard earned money and being separated from your vehicle during the needed repair time at one of her selected Chicago auto repair shops.

She is a single mom that has 2 kids to shuffle around and of course works two jobs to support them with and needs a good running and reliable car to round all over town in. Toyota’s are good cars, parts are easy to find and are pretty much affordable, as affordable parts go, but it all takes money and time, two things that she doesn’t have a whole lot of to spare these days.

Budget Cuts in Education

So many people are being effected in so many ways with the cut backs in our educational system. They have to stop offering late buses in the county that we live in and not having the late bus really has made a tremendous impact on our lives and will continue to do so I’m afraid for a long time to come.

Our 13 year old has 4 more years to go and then we are done with public school and move on to college issues. And right now we are having math problems to deal with and I’m sad to say that I can’t be of much help when it comes to math answers.

The middle school that she attends is a good 30 minute drive and with out the late bus it hasn’t been as convenient for her to stay after school to receive additional help from her teachers. The numbers are way down for the kids that used to stay after and catch the late bus.  And finding a decent tutor can become a challenge and expensive as well. So I have to say that I am grateful for what the Internet can bring to us in ways of online tutoring. She has been utilizing this online math tutoring site at Tutornext dot com, for the last few months, since school started, and we have seen a change in her grades from last year, and a change in her attitude, when it comes to math issues and homework.

I’m sure she will being using Tutornext dot com in her up and coming high school years and possibly even turn to it during her college years. She wants to be a Marine Biologist and will taking plenty classes that she will be needing help with and they offer all the classes that she will be most likely needing help in. Wish I could be of more help to her, but at least there are other options out there for her that I never had when I was in school desperately looking for help.

Leather Weather

With the arrival of spring I’m getting anxious to get on the back of a Harley Davidson. I have several friends that have some really nice scooters and are usually willing to take me out for a putt when I feel the need. This is perfect leather weather, so I guess I need to get on the phone, make some calls and see if I can get some riding in soon.